Animal ABCs : Educational Picture Books for Young Children Kate Evans Scott



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Animal ABCs : Educational Picture Books for Young Children  by  Kate Evans Scott

Animal ABCs : Educational Picture Books for Young Children by Kate Evans Scott
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LEARNING MADE EASY & FUN! : Take your Child on an Animal Adventure with this Alphabet read-a-long complete with Cute and Amazing Photos of our Worlds most Incredible Creatures.Picture you and your little ones laughing and learning whileMore LEARNING MADE EASY & FUN! : Take your Child on an Animal Adventure with this Alphabet read-a-long complete with Cute and Amazing Photos of our Worlds most Incredible Creatures.Picture you and your little ones laughing and learning while reading through each letter page - enjoying Natures most stunning and bizarre animals.

Animal ABCs is the perfect blend of education and art so that learning the ABCs can be fun - time and time again!Each letter page contains a beautiful full-scale image with a corresponding sentence so that your child learns effortlessly while enjoying the ride through all 26 letters. Your child will learn about animals that they never even knew existed!This book features 26 high-quality professional stock photos so you will easily be able to enjoy them on both the black & white and full color Kindle. Dont have a Kindle? Dont worry, you can also view this book by downloading the FREE Kindle app for your computer, iPad, or other mobile device: .Animal ABCs is a book that can be loved and enjoyed by young children (and even adults!) over and over again.You will see some of the following Animals featured:*The giant African Elephant**The adorable Llama**The bizarre Tapir**The amazing Meerkat**The gentle Giraffe*With funny and adorable sentences that your child will have a blast reading or listening to!Cant wait for you and your child to dive in?Scroll up and grab your copy now!About The AuthorKate Evans Scott is a stay at home mum to a preschooler and a toddler.

In her former life she worked in Graphic Design and Publishing, which she now draws from to create inspiring books for young children and parents.Her passion for writing began with her preschooler who is an encyclopedia of all things animal, vegetable and mineral. With a deep interest to create books that satisfy his desire to learn, and his love of food, Kids Love Press was born.

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